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Title: What Happens in 1979...
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] roxannepackard
Pairing(s): Hermione/Sirius
Prompt: #H21
Summary: For her 23 birthday, Luna casts a spell on Hermione that sends her back to 1979, only Hermione thinks she's dreaming.
Word Count: ~12,500
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Contains: No warnings apply
Notes: There is referenced Harry/Draco in the background, but nothing explicit
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.


“'Mione, are you home?” Harry called out. He had just emerged from the floo and quickly stepped out of the way to make room for Ron and Draco.

“Or did you go to the party already?” Ron added, knowing that he'd receive no answer if she had. He'd waited for her to actually hire those assistants she'd talked about and rearranged her schedule so that she worked far less – even though it was still more than most people. Now that she had more free time, he wanted to ask that question she hinted she was ready to say yes to.

“Don't come in here!” Hermione warned before an alarming sound resounded from the bathroom. She ended by groaning miserably.

Ron disobeyed by rushing to check on her. Harry was one step behind him while Draco decided to get comfortable and wait in the kitchen – and make tea while he was at it. Ron and Harry stopped short in the doorway to the bathroom when they found Hermione bent over the toilet having an unpleasant conversation with it.

Ron quirked a brow in amusement. “Are you planning to go to the party dressed up as a sick housewife?” He asked, referring to her bathrobe and disheveled hair.

Hermione groaned rather than answer. When she determined that her stomach was planning to behave for a moment, she glared at him. “I'm actually sick! I've had the flu for days now!”

Luna had arrived right after them and now stood behind the boys – which they didn't notice until she spoke up. “Are you sure it's the flu?”

Hermione sighed miserably. “Well what else could it be? That said, the pepper-up potion doesn't work!”

Luna hummed in sympathy. “Hmm... Well, I think you might be pregnant.”

Hermione gasped in astonishment, her eyes going wide as she thought this over.

Ron snorted in amused disbelief. “How?”

“Oh, the way it usually happens,” Luna stated serenely. “I think it happened on your birthday,” she added to Hermione.

Bloody hell!!!” Hermione cried out as she jolted from the shock. She even tipped over and ended up on her back, staring at the ceiling. She rubbed her forehead with her right hand. “This can't be happening!”

Luna grinned and purred very much like a cat, sounding rather giddy. “Apparently, I gave you the gift that just keeps on giving,” she said as she rubbed her hands together.

“Er... Girls can't get girls pregnant...” Ron stated in a way that made it clear he thought Luna might have officially lost the plot.

“Actually, with certain spells and potions, they can,” Luna informed him. “But I'm not the father. I simply cast a spell to give Hermione something special for her birthday. As it turns out, she was sent back in time and –”

“Luna, can you cast a pregnancy test spell on me?” Hermione asked quietly, still laying on the bathroom floor.

Luna promptly obliged, making Hermione light up golden yellow in confirmation.

“Bugger!” Hermione cried out in dismay. She rolled over and rested her head on her crossed arms. “What am I going to do?!”

Harry sat down next to her and pulled her in his arms. “What we always do; figure this out together.”
She rested her head on his shoulder and let herself be comforted for several long moments. Ron eventually cleared his throat and held up a hand as if asking her to wait a minute.

“Let me get this straight, you had a one off for your birthday and got pregnant?” His tone indicated that he was rather angry but trying hard to hide it.

Well...” Hermione murmured evasively.

“Hermione!” Ron cried out incredulously. “What the bloody hell?! You are damn careful about using protection spells, so how could you let this happen?!”

“Ron,” Harry stated firmly. “Perhaps you should go get a cup of tea and calm down for a moment.”

With a highly frustrated sigh, Ron capitulated, stomping as he stormed away.

When he was gone, Harry rubbed her back. “He has a point. What happened?”

Hermione sighed in defeat. “I'm going to need a cup of tea for this, and you are going to want to be sitting. You might even want a drink.”

Harry chuckled nervously at that. “You make it sound like you cast a spell or something on me to make me shag you without knowing it.”

Hermione laughed, happy that her best friend could manage to cheer her up, even at a time like this. “No!” Then her smile faded. “Even so, you're probably not going to take this news very well. I fully expect Ron to Apparate away, throw a bloody tantrum and demolish something in the process, and then never speak to me again.”

Harry frowned in deep concern. “He'd never stop speaking to you. He loves you so much that I think he'd forgive anything. Eventually. Even if you did trick me into shagging you and got pregnant.”
Hermione snorted in amusement. “Is that something you want?”

Harry fervently shook his head. “No! I just realized that it made you laugh, so...” he shrugged.

“Let me go get dressed, and then I'll tell you the – er... upsetting news over a cup of tea,” Hermione promised.

Ten minutes later, Hermione entered the kitchen to find that Draco was waiting with a cup of tea for her. He smiled in sympathy as he handed it to her. “I made ginger tea for you since you're suffering from morning sickness.”

Hermione smiled at him in thanks as she looked over his costume. He looked bloody fantastic as a pirate! This made her look over at Harry and realize that he looked hot as a pirate too. A glance at Ron showed that, yes, he was still highly upset, but he was also damn good looking as mobster from a muggle movie.

When the tea actually cleared up her queasiness, Hermione sighed in relief and took a seat between Harry and Luna, across from Ron. She took a deep breath, and then looked him in the eye.

“Luna cast a spell that sent me back in time, only I was dead certain that I was dreaming. I mean one moment I was here, and the next I was wearing next to nothing in a muggle club dancing disco like I was born for it.”

“Ooo, how fun!” Luna exclaimed with a dreamy grin. “What were you wearing, I never did ask before.”

Hermione smiled at her. “It was a sheer and lacy crocheted thing. It only went from here to here,” she illustrated by putting one hand a few inches below her collar bones, and the other mid thigh. “It clung to everything and I wasn't wearing anything under it. If I hadn't been so certain that I was dreaming, I would have tried Apparating straight home!”

Luna purred and looked to the ceiling as she thought this over. “I think my mother had a dress like that once. Maybe that part was from me as I cast the spell.”

Hermione nodded in agreement. “It was definitely part of the spell because it changed later on all on its own, but I'll get to that.” She then looked at Harry. “Since I didn't know I'd been sent back in time, I was surprised but not shocked to find myself suddenly invited to dance by none other than James Potter at his stag do. He was an excellent dancer, even if he was a bit handsy. But don't worry, he didn't do anything to be ashamed of.”

She paused and took a sip of her tea, then stared into her cup as she continued. “Peter was too timid to do anything inappropriate during our dance, and Remus seemed to be holding back. Sirius was all over me like Bowtruckles on a wand tree. I found it funny, especially since I was half pissed at the time. I now have to wonder if I really could dance or if I just thought I could because I was drunk.”

She smiled fondly at the memory for a moment, taking another sip of her tea. “Then I seemed to... I'm not sure actually. It was like I blinked, and the next thing I knew, I was at Fleamont and Euphemia's house waiting for Lily and the Officiant to arrive. Not only did I still think I was dreaming, but I was also still at least half drunk! Oh God!” She ended with a gasp of horror and covered her mouth.

“What?” Ron demanded, temporarily more curious than anything.

“I told them so many things that I really shouldn't have, and wouldn't have if I'd known I was actually in the past!” Hermione blurted out. Then took a deep breath to calm down. “However, time hasn't changed at all, so... I suppose I didn't tell them anything damaging. Mostly just that everything turns out alright, and that you're happy.” She grinned at Harry. “They all seemed rather accepting of the fact that you have a boyfriend. It wasn't until I mentioned the Malfoy name that they looked remarkably green.”

Harry snorted softly – echoed by Draco. “I'll bet!”

“The wedding was beautiful,” Hermione continued with a soft smile. “Your parents were so obviously in love, but still in the shy stage. They created their own vows, which were simple. James thought Lily was too smart for her own good, and Lily thought James was a pain in the arse, but they loved each other anyway.”

Harry took her right hand in his and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Your mother was so beautiful. She wore a simple but pretty dress that had little lilies embroidered on it in a tiny golden thread. My dress changed so that I stopped flashing everyone,” she said with a chuckle.

Then she pulled her hand free from Harry's and fiddled with her thumbs and pointer fingers and she stared at her hands. “I still really, honestly, truly thought I was dreaming, so when Sirius asked me repeatedly to marry him, I thought: why not?”

She pulled a photograph out of her shirt pocket and handed it to Harry. Then she pulled her wedding ring off her finger and handed it to him. He examined both in astonishment.

“You married my godfather?!” Harry blurted out when he could wrap his head around the fact that yes, Hermione was being kissed quite thoroughly by Sirius.

Ron snatched the picture to see it for himself. He gaped at it with a pale face and trembling hands. Hermione waited for him to look at her. “I wouldn't have done it if I had known it was for real. I just thought I was having a bizarre dream produced by one of those dream chocolates you and George created. I thought George Polyjuiced into Luna and slipped it to me as a prank.”

“So...” Ron began and then cleared his throat. “So you married Sirius Black and are now pregnant with his child?”

“Yeah,” Hermione confirmed with a single nod.

“How does that even work?!” Ron blurted out in confusion.

Hermione shrugged. “Sirius wrote me a letter to be delivered the morning after my birthday – since one of the many things I'd told them but shouldn't have was that I had just turned 23 – that said he'd asked his lawyer and despite me going back in time, it was still valid. I also looked into it and have learned that because I technically existed at the time of the marriage – even if I was only a few days old – my magical signature was legally binding. I checked; my marriage certificate was properly filed, and my signature can be verified, thus: real.”

Hermione sighed. “He could have annulled it, but he didn't...”

Draco cleared his throat softly to gain her attention. “That means that with him freely acknowledging that he not only married you but chose to stay married to you after figuring out what had happened, well... You're carrying his Heir. The true Heir to the House of Black. This could cause problems for Harry once the baby is born...”

Hermione shook her head. “I don't intend to cause problems.”

Harry shrugged indifferently. “You're already a near expert in law. I'm sure that between the two of us, we could work something out so that the baby is entitled to inherit everything I inherited from Sirius. My future kids can simply split the Potter fortune.”

Draco cast Harry a light glare. “Unless you intend to have these potential children with someone else, they'd have the Malfoy fortune as well.”

Harry squeezed Draco's hand. “Maybe now's a good time to work on them.”

“Er...” Draco suddenly looked pale, like he thought Harry had just proposed to get him up the duff in front of everyone.

Harry snickered a bit evilly. “I still plan to carry them.”

Draco sighed in visible relief. “I... suppose I can... agree. To having children soon. If that's what you want.”

Harry simply grinned and shrugged. Then he turned back to Hermione. “Can I read the letter? If it's not too personal. I just... I want to read it because it's from him.”

Hermione nodded and handed it and the note that accompanied the picture over – since they had been with the photo and so were in her pocket. As Harry took the letter, he handed her back her ring. When he was done reading, he stroked his chin and looked at the ceiling in thought.

“I wonder where in Grimmauld Place he hid the stuff he talked about? And come to think of it, no wonder he sometimes looked at you strangely when he thought no one was looking. That had to be weird!” Harry exclaimed. “Married to someone who wouldn't even be old enough to get married for a few more years.”

“Probably,” Hermione agreed.

Ron held up his hands as if asking them to wait. “Alright, if I'm understanding this, it really happened. There's really going to be a baby, but since – and I'm really sorry to say it like this, Harry – but since Sirius is dead, you're still available to get married?”

“Yeah,” Hermione confirmed softly. “I'm technically a widow, and so I can get remarried if I want.”

“And do you? Want to?” Ron stammered.

“Are you asking?” Hermione challenged with narrow eyes even though she knew that he probably was.

Ron blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, I was going to do it better than this, but yeah. Can't say I like the thought that you got married to someone else and are now up the duff, but since I want to spend my life with you and have kids with you, it just seems like the best thing to do is accept the situation and be there for you.”

Hermione burst out crying and launched from her chair so that she could fling herself at Ron and practically knock him out of his chair as she hugged him tight. Ron looked stunned by her reaction and chuckled nervously.

“Is... that a yes?”

“Yes! Yes, a million times yes!” Hermione gushed before kissing him.

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Oh my... this definitely gave me a lot of feels!! I was hoping for a happy ending for Hermione and Sirius... but I'll admit I'm happy Ron stepped up to the plate. Wonderfully done! <3


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