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Welcome to hp_bunintheoven!

Guide to the comm!

  • This comm will contain explicit content. Minors may join, but the moderator is not responsible for minors reading explicit content.
  • Please feel free to post any fic or art you create centred around pregnancy!

  • Just a little addendum to the last rule: please DO NOT post anything that involves either chan or incest to this comm! There are other comms where you can post fics/art/whatever based on chan/incest where the characters get pregnant. This is not one of them.

  • This comm is, obviously, self-posting. Please post content either under an lj-cut or via a link to the post. Also, please join to post.

  • Any pairing and type of pregnancy as long as it doesn't violate other rules of the comm is accepted here: het, slash, femslash, surrogacy

  • NO FLAMING! Anyone found to be bashing anyone else on this comm will be banned without warning!

  • Please warn for anything that may be trigger-y or squick-y. Obviously you don't have to warn for pregnancy, but if your fic/art features rape/gore/violence/any of the other usual squicks, please warn for them!

  • I would appreciate it if you had your work beta'd before posting. I won't be going through each post, but please make sure your html is correct and your spelling/grammar is understandable.

  • Here is a template for posting your creations:

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